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"The difference was immediately noticeable."

My first experience with Magnetite Windows was when I lived in Louisiana. The front of my house faced directly west and had 12 very large double plated pane windows. With the afternoon sun shining directly into the house, even with fully lined drapes closed and outside temperatures in the high 90 degree range, the house heated considerably. I had Magnetite Windows installed on all these windows. The difference in cooling was immediately noticeable and the magnetite Windows considered very effective.

I since relocated to Illinois and in the past 2 years, the temperatures in the winter have been brutally cold. The house I purchased has double pane Anderson wood windows, and as nice and good as they are, were not suitable to combat the outside cold in the severe winter months. Once again, I turned to Magnetite windows thinking if they were effective for improved inside cooling, they would be effective as insulation from the bitter outside cold temperatures. I had all the windows facing north and west fitted with Magnetite windows since the bitter cold blasts come out of the North, West or North-West. Once again, I am excited to report, the difference was immediately noticeable. The house stays warmer even in spite of temperatures dropping into single digits.

There are added benefits to Magnetite windows to include the ease of cleaning, ease of storage when removed, and have a most aesthetic appeal. I wanted to preserve the integrity of the Anderson wood windows and the installation was accomplished without any degradation to the integrity of the windows. These windows open-close up and down. But best of all, is the ease of removing the Magnetite Widows when outside fresh air becomes advantageously prominent. With just fingertip control of the installed tab, the windows can be easily removed and the re-install is even easier.

I am most satisfied with Magnetite Windows and fully endorse this product for all the reasons I have stated above. They are effective for preserving heat inside in cold outside temps and cooling when it is hot outside. Glass is a conductor of heat and cold while acrylic has properties that minimize the transfer of heat or cold. Magnetite Windows do the job and are a very fine product.

-Crawford M.

"No drafts, no chill to the bone."

After spending one of the coldest winters in history in Ohio with magnetite windows, the best way I can say a review, “ It felt like July!” No drafts, no chill to the bone. The 9 large windows fit perfectly and was easy to install. I’m 64 and for the first time in my life, I experience a sleeting rain in which the rain froze to the outside of the exterior window. Meaning there was no heat loss from the inside! We heat with wood and used very little. Thank you Ray for a very warm winter.

-Mark P.

"I really like having Magnetite windows."

I appreciated working with you in getting the Magnetite windows. I really like having Magnetite windows. They do provide some noise protection from outside. They definitely help in keeping the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter. I like the security of knowing the Magnetite windows will still be there if for some reason my windows get broken.


"I did not turn my heat on."

Just had to share. Last night temp outside 47 degrees, I did not turn my heat on. Temp inside 70 degrees.


"Less heat and less noise!"

Install was great! I am on the road this week. Please know that if you have a Kingwood area customer that wants to see them they can come look at mine. The change in our house was instant! less heat and less noise! We are going to do the front of the house early next year.


"They have helped keep the house warm."

Thanks for your quick work on getting the windows out to us. They have helped keep the house warm during the many cold days of winter. When people ask about the old lead windows and how well they work, we show them the Magnetite windows that are actually keeping this old home better insulated. No one even sees the Magnetite windows until we point them out. Thanks again for the help.


"I'm REALLY pleased!!"

Amazing! I'm REALLY pleased!!


"I am really happy."

Rooms definitely are quieter. I am really happy with the quality of your product.


"Much better than we expected!"

I just wanted to let you know that we did install those sound panels and that they work really well. Much better than we expected!


"I couldn't recommend it more."

We got Magnetite due to the high noise level in our Manhattan apartment. The customer service was great and it came relatively quickly given it was bespoke to our place. It reduces traffic noise and minimizes sound of sirens by I think 80%! I couldn’t recommend it more as it has made sleeping peaceful again! It really works!


"Super quick and professional"

The guys already have things completed. Super quick and professional both days, and no worries about the issue. I am happy with the work so far. Certainly quieter and less drafty. I do like that they are unobtrusive/low profile. As far as San Antonio goes, I have let a few people know about your product and I certainly think there is a market for you given the rules of the historic districts that the city enforces.


"The team at Magnetite was amazing."

The magnetite windows are easy to install and instantly made a significant difference in the room temperature and comfort. A must for eastern winters. I was able to preserve the beauty of my original stain glass windows while drastically improving my energy efficiency. On average since installing the windows my boiler has run 2 hours less a day then before installation. The team at Magnetite was amazing, the helped me with my project from the first call and stayed by me thru the process.


"Giving us our sleep back."

I just wanted to thank you again for coming and installing the Magnetite window panels. When we moved into our house, we did not realize that there would be so much noise coming from a busy street on one side of our house. Sleeping at night was becoming impossible. After researching you product I decided to give you a call. I was hoping for a solution or just something to cut down the noise at night. Once you installed the Magnetite window panels in all three of our bedrooms, we could immediately here the difference. The rooms felt quieter than ever before. The sound did not totally disappear, but was almost totally gone. Since the installation, sleeping at night is no longer a problem. We liked the panels so much that we had you come back and install the panels in our living room. Lo and behold, the silence was golden. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional install, your politeness and courteousness and most of all, giving us our sleep back. I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends, and anyone who will listen to my story who needs quiet back in their lives.

-Tom and Suzie C.

"The Magnetite pane saved him."

I had to share this with you. Today, my husband had an unfortunate accident of losing his balance and falling into the kitchen window from the outside of the house. The glass broke but the magnetite window stayed in place even though it is only connected with magnets! Seriously, this is incredible because although my huband sustained injuries requiring an emergency room visit and stitches, the Magnetite pane saved him from falling all the way through and having shards of glass throughout his body. As you can see in teh images, the glass would have penetrated his whole body of the magnetite pane wasn't there to stop 175 pounds of man from going all the way through. In addition, the magenetite pane kept the dogs inside and held teh broken glass for an easier clean up. Although this isn't a regular story of savings and quiet (which we experience both), it is a testament to the quality and strength of these panes. WOW!!!

-Peggi P.

"I'll enjoy peace and quiet."

The two windows work great! Easy enough to install and they made a world of difference with the traffic noise. We can still hear that low rumble of an occasional truck but even that is muted. At some point I might get a few more for the other bedrooms but for now I’ll enjoy peace and quiet in my bedroom.


"I'm very pleased with the window."

I wanted to let you know that I finally got the Magnetite window installed. Yes, I’m slow. I’ve been traveling a lot, and finally got around to it. I might add that is is -1 degree as I write this, and my office (where the window is) couldn’t be more comfortable. The panes fit perfectly, and the instructions were good. All in all, I’m very pleased with the window, and I appreciate your help along the way.

-Alan R.

"I have noticed a huge difference."

After a few weeks I have noticed a huge difference and really like the Magnetite product. They have definitely helped keep the house cooler. It also significantly reduced the noise from the street, which was just a side benefit. Told my neighbors about them already, I will put them in touch with you if they decide to move forward.


"Highly recommend that you purchase Magnetite."

Noise problems solved!! We purchased five magnetite window inserts in hope of helping with the noise pollution of the busy street and close proximity of noisy neighbors. After extensive research and several phone calls and emails back and forth with Ray, we concluded that magnetite would be the best solution to meet our needs. Ray was very knowledgeable, patient, and readily available to help us determine which windows and sizes were best for us. The online videos and instructions helped us figure out the measurements. I would recommend using a laser measuring device to ensure accuracy of each window size. The cost was more than half less expensive of replacing our windows with triple pane glass or competitors window inserts. The magnetite inserts shipped out in about two weeks and arrived at our home in three days. The package that the windows are shipped in is very sturdy and provided maximum protection to avoid any possible damage. Although installation was a little time consuming, it was not difficult at all - plan about 45 min per window if you are doing it yourself. Once we trimmed out the framing pieces, the windows snapped into place. Not only were we able to greatly reduce the noise, magnetite made our bedroom much warmer. If your live near a busy street or noisy neighbors, highly recommend that you purchase Magnetite window inserts! Thanks to Ray and his team for all of their extensive help - we will order more of your product soon!!

-Magnetite Customer

"Reduced our heating and cooling bills."

My wife and I bought a super nice home that was just recently built; so we swooped in and got a great deal on it, you could almost say it was our dream home. The back sits along a busy road and we failed to notice the insane traffic noise until we moved in. I looked all over the Internet for some sort of sound proofing, only to be disappointed because everything was too expensive or too much work to install. I then found Magnetite, even though I was skeptical about it, I gave it a chance because it was reasonably priced. Ray was awesome with explaining how the panels work and about the easy installation. My wife and I installed eight panels on the windows facing the noisy road and man has it helped. We no longer notice traffic noise and the installed Magnetite isn't even noticeable. As an added bonus it has reduced our heating and cooling bills. Magnetite has saved us from having to move out of our dream home and was well worth it.


"It's cheaper than replacing my old windows."

When we moved into our house, we immediately notice a noise problem that is coming from a major street in the back. it’s the master’s bedroom and my son's room that takes a lot of that noise. So me and my wife started looking for a product that will help us to solve that noise problem and I came across this product called magnetite. At first, I was apprehensive to try it, because it is too good to be true. It’s cheaper than replacing my old windows and claim to reduce noise. so just to try it, I purchased just one for my son's bedroom. After I installed it, I am extremely satisfied on the product. it really helped to reduce the noise! irritating noise from cars and motorcycles just became a background noise that you can't even notice it anymore. and it is way much cheaper solution than replacing our old existing window and I love the fact that I can save money by installing them all by myself. it also helps to make my house more energy efficient, I have 7 large windows that face west which takes a lot of heat on the afternoon sun. after I installed the panels my ac unit doesn't run as often as before to cool down that part of the house. and their customer service is also great! if you have any problem with their product, they would immediately correct it for your satisfaction! I would really recommend this product as a solution for sound proofing and thermal control!

-Magnetite Customer

"Given my sanity again."

Since installing the Magnetite sound control series panels I dont sleep with a pillow on my head anymore it has given me my sanity again havent slept so well in a year thanks.


"Very pleased with the improved warmth."

Thought I’d give you an update on the Magnetite windows you installed in our porch. Previously the (unheated) porch temperature in the winter time was around 10 degrees warmer than outside but with the Magnetite windows installed it’s now closer to a 20 - 25 degree range. Also with just a single 1500W space heater (no fan) the porch temperature increased from from 40 up to 70 degrees in an hour or so. In summary - Outside temp 7 degrees yesterday morning, cold porch first thing in the morning 25 degrees, reached 60 degrees within an hour and a half after turning on space heater. As outside temp rose to mid 20’s the porch rose to between 60 - 70 degrees. We’re hoping for another small increase after we have the laminate floor in the porch replaced by carpet - being installed tomorrow - so I’ll update you when we next have an overnight temperature in the single digits. Overall so far we are very pleased with the improved warmth provided by the magnetite windows.


"Thank you for all you've done."

I am more than pleased with my window panels! Sat. mornings, there is a street market on Main, and the noise always awakens me. Today, I had to lift the shades to see that there was a crowd of people just below my windows! AMAZING! Thank you for all you've done to help me!

-Charles B.

"Accomplished precisely what I wanted."

The windows have been installed. They look great and accomplished precisely what I wanted to achieve. We have had some very bitter cold temperatures in the past few weeks and the Magnetite windows are doing the job. Appreciate doing business with you.

-Crawford B.

"I can't hear them, incredible!"

I just wanted to give you a little feedback on your product and the installer, Steve was awesome, he did a great job,he was courteous, clean, and most of all I can't even tell magnetite is on my windows which was the goal. We normally have a lot of street noise which was bothersome from the front bedroom facing the road, after magnetite was installed, I watch these vehicles going by including big trucks and I can't hear them, incredible! Time will tell as far as efficiency but per the graphs on your site the R-value should be much higher than it was with the standard dual pane windows so it should definitely change the dynamics of the inside of the house when it's hot in the summer.


"I am very happy with Magnetite."

I moved to a new townhome near two major highways, and the traffic noises affected my sleep badly. After I installed Magnetite Window panels, my home becomes a lot quieter than before and now I can sleep well. I am very happy with Magnetite window products, and would strongly recommend magnetite windows to anyone who is looking for soundproof products for windows.


"I can't hear them, incredible!"

My wife and I live in contributing house in Pierson Place Historic District. The wood French casement windows contributed to what we considered the ‘curb appeal’! Little did we know how lousy they were for energy efficiency. We did replace the three sets of French Doors for energy efficiency. However to replace the wood French casement windows would have been hugely more expensive. Ten years ago the price for the 17 window sets was $36,000. The price today could be double that. So we have been looking for ways to achieve the benefit of decreased intrusion of outside air through all the cracks between the 70 year old French casement Windows and conductance through the glass of heat in and cool out. Recently we visited friends in their contributing house in an historic district. My wife remarked about the acrylic window inserts in their windows. So we asked about them. Our friends showed us that they were held magnetically onto a light metal frame around the inside of the window sash. Acrylic is much lighter than glass, more flexible and a better insulator thermally. So the windows don’t require a heavy frame. The UV coating is so clear the outside actually appears brighter and clearer while stopping most of the UV light that glass lets in. This keeps the furniture in the house and pictures on the walls from fading. The inserts can be easily removed for cleaning or should one want to actually open the windows. There has been no change to the exterior of the house, important for historic designation. There is no structural change to the windows from the inside either. There is very little space taken up inside in the window sashes. My wife used to wear a cotton headband during the summer when she worked in the kitchen because of the heat, even though we have a summer kitchen (grill and stovetop) in the kitchen patio. The three French Windows, old stove and pilot light, and refrigerator kept the kitchen at least 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house. We never could get the temperature lower no matter what we set the swamp cooler or the air conditioner at. After installing the Magnetite Windows the kitchen is MUCH cooler. She is comfortable and without a headband. The temperature throughout the entire house is much more even. The amount of street noise is substantially decreased as well. The bottom line is that the Magnetite Insulating Windows cost conservatively about 10% of the cost to replace the windows and probably significantly less. Do you think I waited to call them up? Heck no! I called the next day for an appointment. The company bid the job, ordered material, and installed the window in a timely fashion and is available or questions. After waiting a week or two for the materials to be ordered and shipped, Magnetite spent the day on site. They measured each window for a custom fit, assembled and installed them in one day plus a visit later to check their tightness. They provide cleaning fluid and materials. The custom fit of each window insures performance. There were no changes to the exterior of the house, no significant changes to the interior appearance and we are enjoying much better use of our cooling systems. The house is far more comfortable and quieter than it has been to date.

-Magnetite Customer

"I am saving MONEY!"

Comparing month after month to prior year, same month and factoring in the different number of calendar days and temperature readings, in May 2014 compared to 2013, we saved $65.00 on our electric bill. We used 432 kWh less than the prior year! Along with saving energy, I am saving MONEY! Our home is probably 70% more quiet from outside noises and traffic after having the Magnetite windows installed. My husband would wake up in the middle of the night when our neighbor came home on his motorcycle. He never wakes up from that now and gets better quality sleep. The windows look great and we saved money from not replacing the windows and continue to save each month on our electric bill.


"I was extremely pleased with the product."

I always look at two things, the company and the product. When I was first considering my window problem, I looked around at the stores for replacing all of my windows as well as my sliding glass doors and that would have become a prohibitive expense for me. I found out about Magnetite by looking on Google for interior storm windows and I tracked down Magnetite. I didn’t know much about the company of course until the product had already been installed but I knew a bit about the product. I was extremely pleased with the product and also with the company. I am just a happy customer all the way around. This was not only a less expensive solution, but it was a better solution and I intend to do more windows.


"They just blended right in."

One of the first things that I noticed after the Magnetite was installed was that I didn’t notice the window panels…they just blended right in. What I noticed was what I didn’t noticed. It was perfectly camouflaged and blended right in. The Magnetite window panels did not interfere with the original appearance of my windows in any way. I am very pleased with how things turned out and I think that the best testimonial that I can offer is that I intent to do more work with Magnetite and with their product.

-Magnetite Customer

"I was ecstatic."

Knowing about architecture and energy efficiency, it was really bugging me to have windows that were letting a lot of air and dust into our home. I’ve been researching solutions for a long time. I’ve had people from other companies price out what it would cost to change out the windows or what it would cost to clean up and reseal the existing windows. They were all very expensive. When Magnetite came up at our neighborhood historic meeting as a window option, I was very interested and wanted to talk to whomever was doing the work right away. After looking at other window replacement and rehab options, I was ecstatic that I could actually afford this option without spending a lot. I’m going to be able to pay this back...it’s going to pay itself back.

-LEED Architect

"Integrity of our home made it an easy decision."

One of the draws for us buying this historic home was the windows. They’re cool. It’s not possible to replace the character of the house if you replace the windows. There are layers of construction and you are going to compromise the integrity of the envelope of the house if you remove a middle layer like a window. The thought of ripping out a window that was functioning made me nervous. It was not something that I was willing to compromise because if you take something out, it will never be put back in with the integrity that was originally built. Knowing that Magnetite would install our insulating window panels without compromising the integrity of our home made it an easy decision.

-Magnetite Customer

"Irritating traffic noise is gone."

We have several rooms that were getting a lot of traffic noise from different streets that surround our home. Our noise problems were directly related to the highway and major streets near our home. In trying to figure out how to stop the noise in the rooms so that everyone in the house could sleep we stumbled across Magnetite. They came out the next day. Magnetite has eliminated that constant noise. All I cared about was soundproofing, and now the dull irritating traffic noise is gone. The loud noises from motorcycles and and garbage trucks are gone. I’m so excited that I’m sleeping!

-Magnetite Customer

"Completely professional the entire time."

Dealing with Magnetite was amazing. They were completely professional the entire time. They sent me a written quote and discussed the pricing with me. The same person that came out for the quote also did the installation which was big for me. It wasn’t like they farmed it out to someone else; they came in themselves and did it. They were clean, they put protective paper down to preserve our flooring, and when they were done, they didn’t have any mess. It was a fast, quick, and clean process. It was a great experience.


"Magnetite is immediate in its cost savings."

The impact of Magnetite is immediate in its cost savings. You are going to get your money back. We had Magnetite install one window to test out the product. A few days after the installation, we began talking about how we were going to do the other windows in our house and I moved in front of a window without Magnetite and is was just uncomfortable. Standing in front of the Magnetite window, I did not notice that it was so hot out. After doing the installation in our whole house, the temperature of the house was much more comfortable...it was like the air conditioning was magically working again.


"There was 600 cfm difference!"

When considering Magnetite for our home, we wanted some numbers behind the install to verify that it would do what it claimed. You know, would we get a good install. And so, before Magnetite did the install, they had an outside company conduct a blower door test on our house. Once the install was done, they came back and did another blower door test and there was 600 cfm difference! Just the air traveling through the house was that much less! It’s great. I mean, that’s money blowing through the house.

-Magnetite Customer

"Noticeably cleaner in the house."

From the first week after Magnetite installed our insulating window panels, it was noticeably cleaner in the house. There was not as much dust on the shelves. That has been from the get-go and it’s been consistent since. The dust factor is way down and the house feels clean and it stays clean. Housework is never a fun chore, especially dusting when you know that a day later it’s going to be back. With Magnetite in our home it’s manageable, which is huge.

-Magnetite Customer

"Quality men that paid attention to detail."

The guys from Magnetite who installed the acrylic window panels, I feel like I’d have them over for dinner. They are quality men that paid attention to detail. I think that they could tell that I was a detail-oriented person and would be picky about the install. But no question, they were as picky as I was about the Magnetite install. It was fun to have them here actually.


"Very pleased with our new windows."

We are very pleased with our new windows which make a huge difference with the road noise in our master bedroom. The Magnetite team were very professional and polite. They even wiped their feet each time before entering the house and opened and shut the security door to the front of the house very quietly so that I could study in the kitchen. Magneitite did a great job installing the windows and left the work area very clean with no trace of them ever being there! Thanks again and I will spread the word!


"The window looks great!"

We finally got to check the Magnetite window panel first hand. The window looks great! We can hardly tell it is there. It is easy to remove and replace. The noise has been significantly reduced, but we still can hear things. That may be due to lack of insulation in the wall and/or a through the wall AC unit. We are very pleased by the service provided by Magnetite . We have already recommended a Magnetite window panel to a neighbor.


"I was struck by the professionalism."

I was struck by the professionalism of both the owner and the workers from Magnetite. There was a fellow named Rocky, and I was impressed with how knowledgeable he was in terms of solving problems due to the peculiarity of the shape of the windows he needed to install in my home. He bypassed the problems and figured out how to deal with each of the windows and sliding glass doors given their old age and I’m happy with how it looks.

-Magnetite Customer