Sound Control Series

Keep the Quiet Inside

Today, more people live in large urban hubs, more offices allow telecommuting, and more people are traveling than ever before. Many homes and businesses are in flight corridors, adjacent to highways, and next to noisy neighbors. These conditions mean that we experience more noise throughout our day. It is also more necessary for us to have control of the level of noise around us whether in a hotel, home office, or sitting in a coffee shop.

When it comes to sound control in our home or business, there are very few things we can do to control the outside noise, but there are some solutions when it comes to controlling the noise that filters in. Because windows are the least insulated components in our structures, they are the best place to start. Soundproofing windows are one option, but like triple-pane windows they are a very expensive investment for the amount of additional benefit that they give. Another option to make your windows more soundproof is Magnetite’s sound control acrylic panels.
"It reduces traffic noise and minimizes sound of sirens by I think 80%! I couldn’t recommend it more as it has made sleeping peaceful again! It really works!"

"Since installing the Magnetite sound control series panels I dont sleep with a pillow on my head anymore it has given me my sanity again."


Facts About Windows and Soundproofing

Magnetite’s sound control panels are able to reduce incoming noise by up to 70% without diminishing the view or worrying about an expensive, messy install. It's easy to see why so many have chosen Magnetite sound control panels to insulate their home or business from unwanted noise.

  • Sound control or soundproofing is all about STC ratings What’s an STC rating?
  • The higher the STC rating, the better an object is at blocking sound
  • A dual-pane window has an STC rating of 29 other STC ratings
  • A specialty soundproofing window has an STC rating of 48
  • A dual-pane window with Magnetite has an STC rating of 48+