Energy Efficiency Series

Become Energy Efficient

Magnetite was purposely built and designed to improve on centuries-old window technology. Magnetite incorporates the construction of your current window to then maximize its efficiency. Magnetite creates a dead-air seal which in turn increases the R-value of a window system. Magnetite uses optical-grade virgin acrylic ( in either thermal, sound control, or IR blocking) that is 18 times stronger and Eight times more thermally efficient than glass. The end result is a window that is drastically more efficient in a multitude of ways. Magnetite does this all for 40-60% less than replacement windows.
"A must for eastern winters. I was able to preserve the beauty of my original stain glass windows while drastically improving my energy efficiency."

"Along with saving energy, I am saving MONEY! Our home is probably 70% more quiet from outside noises and traffic after having the Magnetite windows installed."


What You Should Know About Your Windows

Below are some important facts when choosing a solution for replacement windows.

  • The average installed window is rated at R-1 What is R-value?
  • The average ENERGY STAR Window is rated at R-2.9
  • The average home has 15% of its wall space taken up by windows
  • The average building wastes 25% of its energy through its windows
  • Upgrading to an R-5 window will reduce heat loss by 40%