Innovation Built to Last

Over the past 35+ years, Magnetite has installed over 5-million insulating window panels across the globe. After being picked up by the Sears Home Improvement Division, Magnetite began growing at such a blistering rate that it was recognized by Inc. 500 as one of the nation’s fastest growing privately held companies in 1993. That same year, Magnetite was also one of the Top 100 Private Companies according to Business Report’s rankings. This Top 100 recognition was again awarded to Magnetite in 1994 and 1996. Magnetite continued this trend in 2008 by winning Business Report’s Company of the Year Award, and in 2011 Magnetite was extremely proud to add the very prestigious Honor Award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation to the list of accolades.

Today, Magnetite continues to strive to make every window more efficient. From the 1880’s Victorian era “Green House” at the 1982 World’s Fair to the new Hotel Derek in Houston, TX, Magnetite continues to fix the issues that all windows have: being noisy, leaky, and inefficient.

Discover the BEST solution over replacement windows. Magnetite offers a superior solution for all of your existing windows. Magnetite seals out windows of air leaks, keeps our homes and businesses quiet, and makes our indoor environments significantly more thermally efficient. Save up to 40-60% over replacement windows. Eliminate unwanted noise, enjoy thermal comfort, and become more energy efficient with Magnetite. Call 1-888-433-2686 to order today!

Better Than Replacement

Magnetite window panels are a unique interior mounted insulating panel that attaches and seals magnetically around the entire perimeter of a window, no matter it's size or shape. These interior insulating window panels provide far better noise insulation than single glazed windows. They also provide increased energy savings than standard single glazed windows by doubling the resistance to conductive heat loss and virtually eliminating air infiltration.

Magnetite window panels were developed by an energy physicist, in conjunction with the M.I.T. Innovation Center to design solutions to the important problems of energy loss through windows. Economical cost, simplicity, ease of installation, professional and aesthetic appearance and high insulating value were among the major design criteria. What came to be was just that, a more affordable solution over replacement windows with a greater quality in thermal comfort, energy efficiency and soundproofing abilities for residential, commercial and historic properties.

Magnetite window panel systems are proprietary to the company and covered under U.S. Patent #4473980. View Product Diagram