What is Magnetite?

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Still unsure how Magnetite can improve your energy efficiency all year long? Take a moment to view our product demo and see why Magnetite is the obvious choice.

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Keep Your Originality

  • Historic Home, Preservation, Historic District

Preserve your home's historic originality with Magnetite. Magnetite installations do not interfere with your home's structure which allows you to stay completely original.

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Soundproofing and Privacy

  • Soundproofing, Privacy, Unwanted Noise Reduction

Maintain your privacy with Soundproofing Window Panels. Magnetite allows you to have this privacy by eliminating unwanted noise traveling in and out of spaces where applied.

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A Comfortable Home

  • Thermal Comfort, Energy Efficiency, Sound Control

Keeping your home comfortable doesn't mean you need a complete remodelling of your home or existing windows. Cool when you need it and warm when you want it.

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Noisy Airports and Airparks

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Airports and Airparks are no match for Magnetite's superior soundproofing capabilities. Our soundproofing window panels can eliminate unwanted noise by up to 70%. See how we're able to help.

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Historic Home Preservation

  • Preservation, Historic Home, Original Styling

Preserve the beauty of your historic home. Magnetite Insulating Window Panels allow you to keep your existing windows and the cost is up to 60% less than replacement windows.

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Leaky Windows No More

  • Soundproofing, Safety, Unwanted Noise

With so much noise pollution and energy waste moving through your windows, isn't it about time you take back your tranquility with Magnetite's thermal and noise insulating acrylic panels?

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Rosie's Home Studio

  • Soundproofing, Recording Studio, Commercial Property

Investing in Magnetite’s thermal efficiency or sound control window panels for your hotel, office, or restaurant keeps noise and heat out and everyone inside happy.

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Quality Sleep

  • Sound Control, Unwanted Noise, Safety

Magnetite’s sound control panels are able to reduce incoming noise by up to 70% without diminishing the view, without a messy install, and without worrying about an expensive install.

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We are here to answer all your questions about our products and purchasing options. Save up to 40-60% over replacement.

Product Brochure

Magnetite Product Brochure

Get all of the information you are looking for in this informative product brochure.

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Color Matching

Replacement Window Color Matching, Custom Window Treatments, Matches Existing Window Color

As an upgradable option, our color matching system allows customers to have seamless integration of personal style and decor. Our standard panel edging color comes in white. To learn more please Contact us today.

Custom Panel Shapes

Fits Existing Window Shape, Retrofit Interior Storm Windows, Custom Replacement Windows

Magneite can custom build our panels for almost any shape and style of window frame available. From split panels to arches and more, we have you covered. To view our products click here

Upgrade with Style

Replacement Window Upgrades, Window Treatments, Custom Replacement Windows

Optional upgrades are available such as decorative handles, custom color matching and more. Contact a certified Magnetite representative today to learn more.

Our Products

Experience an amazing window solution for any style or property. Historic Preservation, Soundproofing, IR Rejection, Energy Efficiency, Privacy and more.

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Magnetite offers a superior solution for all of your existing windows. Magnetite seals out windows of air leaks, keeps our homes and businesses quiet, and makes our indoor environments significantly more thermally efficient. Save Up to 40-60% Over Replacement Windows. Eliminate unwanted noise, enjoy thermal comfort, and become more energy efficient.


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