Preserve Your Investments

Replacement windows may look nice, but they are rarely a good investment. You see, it’s not always about tearing out the old and putting in the new. Often times, preserving the old can yield a better result while maintaining the structural integrity and period look of a building. Such is the case with Magnetite. Using Magnetite’s optical-grade acrylic panels, you can get better thermal efficiency than most high-performance replacement windows on the market. Using Magnetite’s optical-grade acrylic panels, you can also get better sound control and acoustic efficiency than most high-performance replacement windows on the market. Compare Windows

According to many conservation and preservation studies, unless you are just anxious to give your home or business a new look, replacing your windows is actually one of the LAST things that you should consider. One study found that high-performance replacement windows were either last or second to last on a list of energy-saving retrofit upgrades when it came to the overall return-on-investment.

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Preservation Over Replacement

What should you do when your home or business starts showing signs of aging? The correct option is to conduct maintenance and preservation of these structures and invest in their longevity and performance. However, knowing what to maintain and what to replace can be confusing and daunting. One thing that is often on people’s list is taking care of windows. The problem is that most windows really don’t need to be replaced. Here’s why:

Magnetite offers a superior solution for all of your existing windows. Magnetite seals out windows of air leaks, keeps our homes and businesses quiet, and makes our indoor environments significantly more thermally efficient. Save Up to 40-60% Over Replacement Windows. Eliminate unwanted noise, enjoy thermal comfort, and become more energy efficient.


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