Magnetite for your Historic Property

Owners of historic buildings know that when it comes to the windows of any structure, they really are the heart and soul of the building. Windows, like the architecture are period specific, but unlike the architecture, they are much easier to remove and replace. This fact alone places every historic building on a path to struggle to retain its historical look, feel, and significance.

This struggle is alive and well in every historic district across the country. Owners of a historic building know when someone in their district changes out windows or does any “upgrade” that diminishes the original historical facade of a building. Magnetite has been working closely with historic districts, private owners, and government organizations to preserve the original beauty and historic significance of windows. If you are looking for increased energy efficiency and improved sound control while preserving the National Registrar’s recognition of your home or business, then Magnetite can help...without the significant cost of rebuilding or replacing your windows.

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Magnetite offers a superior solution for all of your existing windows. Magnetite seals out windows of air leaks, keeps our homes and businesses quiet, and makes our indoor environments significantly more thermally efficient. Save Up to 40-60% Over Replacement Windows. Eliminate unwanted noise, enjoy thermal comfort, and become more energy efficient.


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