Desert View in Grand Canyon National Park

The structure, built in 1930, was originally used as a hiker's way-point at the very edge of the canyon rim. As one of the premier options for historic window preservation, Magnetite was contracted to address the thermal and acoustic inefficiencies of the windows in the caretaker's residence. Because the removal and replacement of the original single-pane, wooden, sash windows was out of budget, a more cost-effective option was needed. Being able to preserve the building's historical designation while making the windows more efficient and staying within budget made Magnetite the obvious choice.

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The Octagon House

The Octagon House located in Washington, DC, just blocks from the White House. It was built in 1799 and is the oldest residential structure in the city. It served as the White House in the early 1800’s and is place where the Treaty Of Ghent was signed ending the War of 1812. This historic building is now the home of the American Institute of Architects Legacy. The windows in this building were large and very leaky. Magnetite window panels stopped the air infiltration without changing the appearance of the existing windows.

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The Lancaster Hotel

The Historic Lancaster Hotel in Downtown Houston has Elegance and Style, but like many hotels in the area, they had a traffic noise problem. They solved it by contracting with Magnetite and the guests are loving it!!  No more traffic noise and no more energy loss coming through their beautiful windows. Magnetite Window Systems are a fraction of the cost of laminated glass. 

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The Jax Brewery

Located in the heart of the French Quarter, it is one of the best locations for shops, restaurants and bars. Several years ago, the upper floors were converted to luxury condominiums with spectacular views of the Mississippi River and Jackson Square. When the residents could not sleep because of the noise, they called Magnetite to the rescue. Magnetite soundproofing window panels were installed from the inside and did not effect the building's historical integrity, but they did stop the noise from interrupting the homeowners.

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Rosedown Plantation

Rosedown Plantation was built in 1835 and may be the most recognized plantation in Louisiana. The caretakers were concerned about UV rays destroying the draperies and furniture so they wanted something that would stop the UV without changing the original look and style of the building. Magnetite solved the problem using a “museum class” acrylic that blocks more than 99% of the harmful UV rays. Since the Magnetite panels are easily removable by the staff, the windows can be cleaned and still operate just like they did nearly 200 years ago.

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Bexar County Courthouse

The Bexar County Courthouse located in San Antonio, TX needed to save on energy consumption. Built in 1896, it is the largest courthouse in Texas and has more than 1,000 windows, so the architect needed a product that wouldn’t change the architectural integrity, but would also reduce the air infiltration and provide insulation. The Texas Historical Commission recommended Magnetite as the perfect solution.

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Clinton Courthouse

In the 1800’s no one thought about the noise that would one day come from the trail that ran along the side of the courthouse. That trail is now Highway 10 and the noise from the cars and trucks made it uncomfortably loud in the courtroom. Magnetite soundproofing window panels were installed and the problem is now solved. Since they are nearly invisible, the beautiful windows can be seen, but the noise is blocked.

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Green Revival Project

After Hurricane Ike destroyed many of the buildings in town, Galveston Historic made its mission to preserve as many old buildings a possible. One project took an old house that had fallen off it’s foundation and moved it across town to a new lot. Once the house was completed, infiltration tests were done and everyone was shocked at the results. The results were so good that this project qualified for a Platinum Rating from the Green Building Council. It is known as the oldest residence to ever get the Platinum rating.

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The Treaty Room

The “Treaty Room” is round like the Oval Office and the windows are specially curved which proved to be no problem for Magnetite's window panels. It is the place where the Treaty Of Ghent was signed ending the War of 1812. Since acrylic blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays, the contents of the room will never deteriorate from the sun’s damaging rays.

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Civil Courts Building

Everyone recognizes the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, but when you look out of the Arch at downtown, you can’t help but notice the Civil Courts building. This building was built in 1930 and has very large steel windows that were extremely leaky and cold in the winter. Magnetite insulating window panels were attached to the frames and now the employees are comfortable and the noise from the city streets has been reduced significantly.

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Gretna City Hall

Gretna City Hall recognized long ago that it was wasting money trying to keep the building's offices comfortable. Mayor Ronnie Harris had previously installed Magnetite windows in his historic home just a few blocks away. Because of his experience with Magnetite's custom window panels in his home he petitioned city council to invest in a complete window overhaul with Magnetite. The investment has paid for itself with amazing energy savings and a very comfortable staff.

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Bastrop Historic High School

Bastrop Historic High School in Bastrop, LA sat vacant for almost 30 years until an architect converted it into an apartment complex. Since it was built nearly 100 years ago, the people of the city would not let him replace the windows, but common sense and the bank wouldn't let him keep the old energy wasting windows either. Magnetite allowed him to keep the beautiful wooden windows as well as allowing the building to meet today’s energy standards, which made the banker and the town’s people extremely happy.

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